Finishing School

HSF has been known to be a GO-TO and is poised to aid you to reach your full potential.

This is the most well-known starting point for people who want to refine their personal appeal and characteristics. HSF’s Finishing School’s mission is to instil personal style and build well-rounded individuals capable of facing their life challenges that come on their path with confidence.

HSF is not an institution when it comes to learning, it’s a family that assists you in acquiring the capacity to travel through the world with the greatest of ease by deciphering a course that delivers a healthy combination of Indian values and western culture.

Enter our family and be a part of it to discover how the finer points of cultured conduct may drive you forward in the social and professional worlds and to the pinnacles of achievement.

English is just a language. But how important it is, determines one’s success in the business world.

We are all well-aware about the importance of ‘English’ as a language, although not one’s mother tongue. Deciding whether it is of paramount importance is not a question of giving the language greater prominence in general. It is just an issue of survival and successful communication.

We, at HSF, do not ‘TEACH’ the language but will be imbibing it to one, by our experts who have survived and exiled.

Building your own brand

In today’s competitive environment, one needs path to differentiate themselves from their peers. Every person needs an ‘X’ factor that makes them indispensable and unique from others. To be precise, one needs to be know ‘How’, ‘When’, ‘Where’ can I build my personal brand.

The following are a few essential elements which one should inculcate that would be enunciated by HSF upon enrolling for the betterment of one’s future:

Be authentic
Learn how to introduce yourself in a professional way
How to show your confidence?
Develop the tools of the trade
How to have a business card and on what instances you need to show your cards
Dress for success
Build a professional online image
When you talk like a professional you also need to walk like a professional
Reassess your personal brand regularly

How to carry yourself?

Carrying oneself does not only mean that one should be fluent in English language. The first and foremost element is self-confidence. Without self-confidence, every single step would go down the drain. We, at HSF believe that we would be a part of your career path to uplift you.

We believe that perception is reality and the more self-confidence one has/have, they have likely to success.

Some of steps our experts have come across based on their personal experiences are:

Identifying strengths
Working on your appearance
Work on your weakness
Be more involved in physical activities
Work on your communication skills
Improve your poise, posture, presence and personality
Have an approachable body language
Have confidence in order to build one

Corporate Etiquettes

Every entity/organization that you have been recruited would expect etiquacy/to maintain a decorum. Precisely, one needs to create an everlasting impression. It is important to behave well at workplace to earn respect and appreciation.

Soft Skills have become a necessity for today’s workforce. Technical skills are just not enough, the employee’s ability to get along well with others, respect and understand different perspectives, communicate thoughts clearly and ability to meet deadlines are the necessary traits which aid the company’s success.

We, at HSF, would aid you to not only understand what corporate etiquette is, but also develop the skills that are required in future. We not only look at the present but also at the future.

Peer pressure and anger management

Anger is a perfectly natural and healthy human emotion. They are our reaction to danger. When we are attacked, we may feel deceived, offended, or annoyed. As a result, it is advantageous when properly handled. However, if left unmanaged, it may be harmful. It can cause issues at work, in your personal connections as well as the general quality of your existence.

Understanding one’s anger tendencies and adopting good coping techniques are required.
It obscures our capacity to make sound judgments and devise innovative solutions to challenges. It also has an impact on our health, including coronary heart disease, eating disorders, obesity, and anxiety and despair.

Anger management problems may be devastating. Anger management is essential for individuals who are unable to regulate their emotions. Anger has an impact on their relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers.

We, at HSF, have programmed our courses that would help you in the following:

Understanding the need of Anger management and the causes for the same
Develop the ability to manage your anger
Find helpful ways of expressing your anger
Enable taking quick and accurate decisions with a clear and peaceful mindset
Have patience, tolerance and compassion in all your interactions with people
Improve your relationships

Personality development

Every person has a unique personality. However, there are a few things that we believe is common and needs to be developed for your functional efficiency.
We, at HSF, have specifically designed the module to cater to the common demands which ensures that every candidate would be gaining their functionality skills.

Managing stress

Improving memory
Body language
Dressing sense
Social behaviour
Interview tips
Resume building

How to not be a boss but a Leader?

A successful leader inspires trust in his team and portrays an appealing vision that keeps people engaged and motivated. A leader resolves disagreements and overcomes communication barriers. He/she accomplishes crucial achievements by articulating his or her views clearly and persuasively.

Building and adapting the leadership style
Develop co-operative communication
Manage the risks
Achieve critical results
Coach the team to perform
Take critical decisions
Be the ‘ONE’ for the team