Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services to Suit Every Business Need

Your business needs materials and messages converted into another language. Then you have come to right place. We, at HSF, do all kinds of services with respect to translation and interpretation.

HSF provides interpreting service in over 70 languages. Our interpreters are carefully selected language professionals. The majority of them have certification either through the court system or a comparable source. Interpretation services help companies across the globe to communicate, from one-to-one conversations to huge conferences. HSF offers a wide-range of interpreting services, so that our clients can choose the right service for every occasion.

Our interpreters are highly skilled professionals whose language skills are outstanding. They can help your business communicate what it needs to, when it needs to.

One may put forth queries as to what’s the difference between translation and interpretation? At what instance, one needs to hire a translator or when one needs to hire an interpreter?

Here’s what you need to know.

A professional translator converts written texts – from brochures and signs to websites and books – into a new language as per the requirement. Translators are typically experts in certain subjects or industries. This specialization enhances them with ample knowledge of the context to capture the meaning of a given text and translate it into the target language more accurately.

While translation handles in written text or document that are text-based, interpretation handles spoken language. During interpretation, a professional interpreter converts spoken words in real-time from one language to another.

For instance, it takes place in person – at a town hall meeting or an interview. It can also happen over the phone via over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) and during video calls instantaneously.

At any point of time you deal with partners, customers or clients who may not speak your native language, you may need interpretation services.

Interpretation = Breaking Barriers

There are numerous situations in which language barriers can create serious problems. Whether you are attending an immigration hearing or an appointment with a doctor, insurance adjuster, occupational therapist, or lawyer, our interpreters can ensure clear communication between parties. We aid in the following language services:

Why US?

HSF is supported by robust technology and foreign language professionals who are committed to serving others. We share an in-depth understanding of the challenges businesses face as they strive to serve clients who come from diverse cultures and speak a wide variety of languages. As a team, we have extensive experience providing cultural mediation or interpretation and translation services for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, social and legal services, finance and corporate accounts.
HSF’s leadership team is committed to bringing high levels of integrity and dynamism to the next generation of cultural mediation services.
We assure our potential clients that by working with HSF, their interactions with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) customers will build a solid foundation and bolster continued success. Our comprehensive service and reasonably-priced solutions can solve your cross cultural communication needs now and in the future.

Our offers services to many industries, including:
Medical, Legal, Pharmaceutical, Consumers, Engineering, Chemical, IT

Our offers services to many industries, including:
27 languages, 24/7, 7 days a week, On demand and access to services, Qualified and experienced cultural mediators, Interactive web-based project management software, In a league of our own in quality, experience pricing

Two-Way Message Interpretation

HSF’s Text or Voice Message Translation (TMT) service is available from …… Monday to Friday.
Text:- Compose the message, email it to ….. or fax it, choose the target language and we will translate the message for you.
Voice:- Leave a voicemail message, choose the target language and your message will be translated and delivered by a human being.
Our team of human translators will deliver the message to the designated person in minutes. Our TMT service is especially helpful for health care providers, lawyers, social workers and other professionals to be responsive in a timely manner to the needs of the public or individual customers. This service allows people to communicate efficiently with others who speak another language.

Use two-way message translation voice or text for:
Setting, confirming and cancelling appointments, Any notification, Program and benefit eligibility, Share information about your organization, Collection efforts, Program instructionsand more

Over-The-Phone Interpretation

ccess our Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) conveniently with a single call. HSF provides on-demand OPI services in more than 18 foreign languages. Calls can either be scheduled in advance or immediate. No busy signals or delays.
Your conference calls begin within seconds of dialling.
We use state-of-the-art telecommunication to provide our OPI services. Rest assured that our interpreters will provide your organization with confidential, neutral and accurate interpretation. Our interpreters continuously develop themselves and are encouraged to use their cultural knowledge to support you and your customers bridge cultural barriers to reduce the length of calls. As with all of our services, we take pride in the fact that our professional and courteous cultural mediators maintain high ethical conduct standards.

Use OPI for:
Setting, confirming or cancelling appointments, Collections, Communicating information or instructions, Clarifying policies and procedures, Follow up

On-Site Interpretation

For scheduled meetings or in emergency services, our cultural mediators arrive at your desired location and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Within minutes of your service request we confirm our availability at the time and location that you request. Our customer service coordinators are well-versed in the procedures required by the many organizations that use face-to-face interpretation. We are careful to obtain all of the information needed to provide proper service to your account.
We take a proactive approach in addressing our customer service efforts, and even provide training manuals to your organization to acquaint you with the most effective utilization of our services. You will find that HSF is committed to fulfil your team’s foreign language communication needs with maximum dedication and punctuality. This is our philosophy, and it makes a world of difference.

Use On-site Interpretation for:
Emergency medical situations, Judicial hearings, Criminal site investigations, In-home visitations or medical consultations, Social Service support or interviews, International business conferences, Mortgage and real state transactions

Prepaid Language Card

Connect with a live cultural mediator over the phone immediately – HSF’s most recent innovation for freedom and understanding in communication. The language card is supported by a reliable and robust network of technology and cultural mediators. Service is currently available in combination of English and Spanish languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

People who use the language card:
Want to try the service with no contract or little risk, Want to pay for services as needed, Do not meet postpaid service requirements, Want the freedom to communicate around the world, Want to budget their, interpreter service spending, Are monolingual and want to create communication convenience for their clients

Key Benefits
New market opportunities or expansion, On demand, Pay-as-you-go interpreter time, 24 hours a day, Rechargeable, An easy way to budget and control interpreter cost, Trained and qualified cultural mediators, Freedom to communicate locally or around the world

Video Conferencing

HSF, provides language service mediation via scheduled videoconference. Videoconferencing is a tool that allows remote or local access to interpreter services. It expands accessibility to services and reduces overall operating costs, especially in rural communities.
Videoconferencing is a technology system that links health care practitioners, social workers, attorneys, realtors and mortgage brokers with their clients with limited English proficiency. The technology is used by professionals for many reasons:

  • Increased cost effectiveness for interpreter service
  • Eliminates transportation costs
  • Allows LEP clients equal access to services effortlessly
  • Improves quality of language services
  • Provides effective, efficient communication for all participants

Many industries have not formally defined videoconferencing as an official method of communication for their programs. Nevertheless, interpreter services furnished through videoconferencing are available in lieu of the more traditional ways of providing professional services.
To be precise we deliver the following interpretation services in more than 70+ language pairings.

Simultaneous Interpretation

When people imagine translation and interpretation services in motion, simultaneous interpretation is mostly what comes to mind. This is the sort of interpretation where interpreters sit in booths, interpreting the words of the speaker in real time so that delegates can listen through headsets in their own languages-bodies, for instance, the United Nations regularly do this to conduct their business. Our simultaneous interpreters reliably translate at speed, an impressive linguistic feat that helps you to effortlessly bring activities to crowds from all around the world.

Conference Interpretation

In order to provide large-scale gatherings to delegates from around the world, conference interpretation employs simultaneous interpretation. The setup of the booth/headset ensures that the event manager will select the best speakers from across the globe without having to think about the languages in which they will express themselves. The interpreters of the HSF conference are extremely skilled in interpreting the words of the presenters in real time, so that delegates of all nationalities can benefit from the speeches given at the gathering.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation provides a confidential, personalised service for smaller meetings, including one-to-one discussions, that allows you to conduct your business smoothly and efficiently. Not only are the language skills of our successive interpreters outstanding, they are also exceptionally personable people who have the best combination of expertise and usability.
If your business could benefit from professional, highly skilled interpreting services , contact the friendly HSF team who are available 24/7 and 365 days today to find out more.

High Quality
We maintain strict standards to ensure that you receive only the very best interpretation services from our skilled language professionals.

Professional Interpreters
Our interpreters are highly qualified professionals who have the experience and skills needed to events run smoothly.

Fast Delivery
We appreciate that sometime you need an interpreter in a hurry. As such, our interpretation services can be booked at shart notice, with a focus an fast delivery.