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In India, the travel, tourism and hospitality industry is booming at an unparalleled pace. The sector is one of India’s biggest and most profitable, contributing substantially to the country’s foreign exchange earnings. According to numerous reports, by 2025, the industry is projected to generate over 45 million jobs in India.

Aspirants who want to work in the travel tourism and hospitality industry must have a pleasant demeanor and excellent communication skills while communicating with customers/clients, as these are the two most important prerequisites to make a mark. We, at HSF, mould the students/candidates for the betterment of their future by offering courses that not only covers the what is required for the said industry but also augments other skills which can never be taught such as interactive skills.

HSF ensures the candidates enrolled for a specified / particular course develops into a professional at the end of the session who can succeed in the industry which is free from gender-bias.

The Courses offered by HSF are different and unique with additional inputs that enlarges candidates with the technical and academic skills they need to respond to the dynamic changes in the changing environment in these industries.

Eligibility Criteria

Courses / Workshops offered by HSF

Communication Cannot Be Taught It Needs To Be Imbibed.

If you are looking to enhance your communication skills which is of paramount importance, then you have come to right place. HSF provides courses as well as workshops that are tailored as per the wants and needs of the candidates.

– Business Communication
– Strategic Communication
– Art of Speaking

Business / Professional Etiquette

Our Experts / Instructors are not born experts. Every one of them is / have had life changing experiences that has evolved them as a professional. Our Experts would be sharing their experiences by conducting workshops and providing a checklist as to how one needs to conduct themselves during different circumstances. For instance, Greetings and introductions play a pivotal role in one’s daily life. It is difficult to picture one’s everyday life without greetings and introductions that put together in a friendly atmosphere of benevolence. These courtesies are observed in all societies, in different forms. It determines one’s behaviour and attitude.

This does not end here. We, at HSF, would be conducting workshops on

– Etiquette in Conversations
– Handshakes
– Greetings and Introduction
– Body Language
– Importance of Grooming
– Table Etiquette
– Etiquette at workplace
– Etiquette with clients
– Business Meeting Etiquette etc.

Building Customer Loyalty and Service Excellence

Excellent customer support and the creation of loyal customers go hand in hand. To increase customer satisfaction, you must first improve the customer experience. You create rapport and build trust with your customers by addressing issues quickly and effectively, which keeps them coming back to your entity.

‘One negative experience could ruin an otherwise flawless relationship’

We, at HSF, would be elucidating how one can build rapport with their customers by covering varied aspects including:

– Maintaining a Standard of Excellence
– Exceeding expectations
– Creating moments of magic
-Customer services vs Customer success

Goal Setting

In companies and organisational practise, goals have a significant impact on employee behaviour and efficiency.

We, at HSF, believe that when people are dedicated to their goals, the goal–performance partnership is at its best. Commitment is most important and relevant when goals are difficult. This can be attained by following a three-step process:-

– Self-efficacy
– Feedback
– Task Complexity

HSF’s creators believed in the three-step approach and were successful in achieving their objectives.

5 Keys to a High performing sales team

We, at HSF, rely on how one can create a sales management environment. One can create the environment when one is the master of it.

– Performance Mastery
– Motivator
– Effective Coaching
– Upgrade the Sales force
– Mentoring

Self Mastery

The term ‘SELF MASTERY’ is self-explainable. HSF provides you the knowledge to be the ‘JACK OF ALL TRADES’. What would one need to become one? would be the first question. We make the process even more intensive by adding the supplement: the videos with demonstrations and further explanations and the audios with special trance inductions assisting the unconscious expansion of one’s personal resources.

– Take responsibility for everything in your life
– Know yourself
– Explore the present
– Live from the heart
– Decide what you want
– Empower yourself

Developing Teams successfully

The implementation of teams is, fundamentally, an organisational change and development process. Teams are, therefore, susceptible to all the challenges that can occur during any organisational change process. In the light of attractions and challenges of teamwork, we, at HSF, believes that there is no one best way / model for team development. However, we have come up with the following checklist that embraces both critical elements of teams as well as enabling factors:-

– Clear Goals
– Decision making authority
– Accountability and responsibility
– Effective leadership
– Training and development
– Resources
– Organizational support
– Rewards for team success

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