In the field of translation, we, at HSF, provide cent percent accurate translation services with quick delivery. We serve as a back-office for all your work, while you can concentrate on other essential aspects of your business.

Is your firm focusing global? Are you looking to expand the scope of your products and services internationally?

Then, Speak the language of the people and your message will surely hit the right ears. Let your message cross your limited national boundaries and let your firm grow global with your message translated in each and every language of the world and see the difference. Explore new markets with the same products and enrich your global image!

HSF’s Professional Translation Services are here to deliver best services you are looking for.

One may have a query as to What exactly is translation or why do we need it?
We believe that language plays a pivotal role and language breakdowns results from poorly translated documents can be embarrassing and costly jeopardizing your relationship with the customer, your brand identity, and increase your liability. Language access is more than transactional. There is a theory and an art behind the same. No wonder that entities or corporations that invest in translation are more likely to grow and expand into new markets, build stronger customer satisfaction, boost their sales, according to studies or research conducted.

Why put your International image at odds?

Instead, hire our translation agency and open up brand new avenues of risk-free communication with your target markets across the globe and close to home.

Why US?

HSF is best known for the accuracy, quality and competitive prices of all its translation services. Having experience for more than 16 years with highly qualified and experienced team of Project Managers, Translators and Quality Assurance specialists enables HSF to deliver you finished products of the highest quality, in the language of your choice, all in a timely fashion.

Our professional translation experience, our commitment to client satisfaction as well as continuously updated and improved Quality Assurance Standards in the various industries for which we’ve provided our language services, have enabled HSF to offer a turnkey solution capable of handling all aspects of your translation project regardless of its size or complexity, all at competitive rates!

We, at HSF, ensure that we recruit finest linguists and add to our team. The fruit of which can be seen in our customer satisfaction rate, i.e., 99% from over hundreds and thousands of projects handled to date. We can translate any type of content to help grow your business, increase efficiency, and strengthen compliance.

Customer Satisfaction

All HSF translators must pass rigorous testing procedures before they can join the HSF team. We only choose those who score well above average on our stringent exams. Generally, we require three years practical experience as a translator unless we identify that a young translator is exceptionally talented. When translators start working with HSF, they receive a Translator’s Guide and sign a declaration that they will follow HSF procedures and checklists. Each time a new project is sent to a translator, they also receive a checklist that must be completed before the translation is sent back to us (including a spell check, completion check, and grammar check). Our translators’ progress is monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.

These linguists have to undergo the same tests as translators. The difference is that these linguists have at least 5 years of experience. Often our senior linguists bring real–world experience to the job, which is very important for the end–user. These employees are highly detail–oriented and meticulous. Our linguists are crucial to our QA process. It is their experience that makes the difference in the linguistic quality of our projects. Since every word translated at Argos goes through one of our in–house linguists, we rely on them to keep our clients happy with the quality of our translations.

Document translations produced by HSF allow your company to extend its message in any direction desired helping you reach anyone targeted: client and employee alike. Most importantly, entrusting HSF translation services with your document translation projects means that you can focus your sight on other relevant business activities that require your continuous attention.

Document translations remain the backbone of HSF Translation Services. With over a decade of translation service experience HSF has gained an industry wide reputation of being one of the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective document translation vendors in the translation industry. HSF also has experience that runs the gamut from letter translations to commercial documents translations, marketing materials to legal documents translations.

Currently, with increased globalization of the business world, the need to have your brand messages carried across borders are crucial to accessing new clients and audiences. No company is interested in leaving the expansion of its client base and market entrance to poorly translated documents or materials, inaccurately conveyed company messages or the inadequate adaptation of its product line. HSF understands the intricate role that document translations play in the continuous effort to extend your business offerings to new markets and improve your internal, as well as external, lines of communication.

Translation Services For Almost All Industries

Financial / Business
– Annual Reports
– Financial Statements
– Projections
– Pension Plans
– Fact Sheets
– Confidential Government Documents
– Marketing and Advertising materials for B2B and B2C
– Web Site Localization for B2B and B2C
– Focus Group Transcripts
Pharmaceutical / Medical
– Medical Records
– Pharmaceutical and Medical Trials
– Vial and Carton Labels
– Consent Forms
– Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs)
– Technical Leaflets (TLs)
– Product Information Leaflets (PILs)
– Validation Protocol and Plans
Science / Technical
– White Papers
– Proposals
– Manuals
– Feasibility Studies
– Government Regulations
– Training Materials
– Proposals and Bids

Beyond Translation Services

Personal Translation Projects

Though HSF deals much with Governmental Agencies and Corporations, we also offer personalized attention to those requiring certified translation of individual documents such as birth and marriage certificates, international adoption documents, foreign educational credentials and much more. All our undertaken projects are given due personalized attention with accuracy and just in time delivery.

Our translation services also include

Copywriting / Proofreading and Editing

HSF translations include the whole range of linguistic services required to verify the accuracy of a translation and guarantee that each project is completed as thoroughly as possible and in a timely manner.



Years Industry Experience

Valued Clients

HSF has completed numerous translations for a plethora of companies across the globe from varied fields, backgrounds and industries. To date, HSF has worked on projects for the following companies:

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